In our family it is hit or miss as to whether or not people tell you what they want for their birthday or Christmas. My husband is the worst in that he can never think of anything that he wants. Luckily after 10 years I'm pretty good at giving people ideas and hiding a couple for my self. I usually ask but also try and keep a mental list going of things that I notice they might be able to use or would want.

Living so far from our family has made this incredibly more challenging. We don't go to my mom's house for dinner anymore and my sister and I only get to shop/browse together once a year at best. These little moments to take mental note of things they might really want are so rare now. I know that it's the same for them. They don't see Emily and Palmer all the time so they don't know how obsessed with dinosaurs and cars Palmer is. Or what the latest Emily phase is either. So the need to communicate these things have become pretty important. That's not to say that surprises aren't possible. I can walk in to any store and still pick out something that I'm pretty sure my sister would just love. I'm also sure that my MIL could pick up a toy for Palmer or shirt for Emily that both would just adore.

So I'm just curious if other people actually ask for what they want for their birthday's and Christmas, do you just leave subtle hints, or do you just leave them to their own bidding? Is it still fun to get a present you asked for?


Jennifer Juniper said...

True story: My husband's family is one of those "I want what I want" families. In the yearly grab bag, they used to put their names and a catalog page with the desired item circled! I was always put off, it just seemed greedy and took all the fun out of it.

All of the put out in-laws staged a revolt one year which resulted in a nasty Thanksgiving and no more grab bag. So, I guess no one really won that one :(

Up Rooted said...

My SIL does a wishlist for her toddlers on Toys R Us. I usually send a list of what my husband and I would like. Mostly everyone in my family sticks to the list. We have the same issue with being spread across the country.

Darci said...

I think it's fun to get what I ask for. My in-laws are all about impractical presents. However, I LOVE the practical things. Really, if I get something that I can't use or wear, I don't see why I should own it...so, I have to adapt my list for them so it's 'fun' and practical.

Adriana said...

Darci- My in-laws are the exact opposite. They LOVE the practical gifts so it works out really well. My MIL and I spent an entire day shopping for a sewing machine for my birthday last year and I don't know who was more excited about it.

Up Rooted- We usually have a pretty good mix of things we ask for and things that are surprises. A wish list online is a good idea.

Jennifer- A catalog page with circled items seem a little over the top although I have to admit that I might have done that once or twice for my hubs. He always needs a little help. Last year he went to the store and a friend of mine saw him with his iphone pulled up to this blog so he could see the pictures off my wish list for Christmas..lol.