Time Flyin'

Is anyone else starting to feel like the holiday season is quickly approaching? Almost too quickly? I was looking at the calendar this morning and about died when I realized that's it's the 9th of November...already. Thanksgiving will be here in only a few short weeks (and my birthday), then Christmas, and then baby. Whew!

I haven't decided how I feel about it yet but the holidays will be pretty low key for us this year. Bret is working Thanksgiving Day and we have no family coming into town. Although I still plan on having a fun brunch for us at the hospital and a late dinner there are no plans for the marathon cooking for 15 people this year. Instead we will minimize our dinner (as much as you really can with a Thanksgiving feast) and take it pretty easy. Cause you know...I have to save some energy for my Friday shopping.

My sister is coming to town for a few days before Christmas and I can't wait. I think for once I am actually more excited to see her than my kids are. We have great plans for holiday baking while she is in town. There is a part of me that feels terribly homesick. Not just for us to be home but for us to be around family. That is what our holidays have always centered around and it feels very strange to be missing that piece this year. We won't see my parents until the middle of January so unlike the previous years when we weren't home for the holidays it won't even be close. On the other hand family can be exhausting. No matter how good of a guest you have they are still guests and knowing that it will just be us for Thanksgiving and Christmas takes a little of the pressure off. I am thankful that my kids are at an age where they enjoy the holidays so much that we enjoy it too.

Besides the baby coming around the first of the year there are a lot of changes coming our way. I feel like we are experiencing the calm before the storm and although I know we are doing everything we can/should to prepare for it all. It's the things you can't prepare for that have me worried.

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pj said...

As for the holidays... we went to the mall the other night to see the arrival of Santa! it isn't even thanksgiving yet and the malls are all geared up and ready to go. I am a little sad that we don't have many thanksgiving decorations, the house looks bare without the halloween stuff.