Tell GP I said hi

Grandpa is coming for Grandma
We all know it...we all feel it
Just as the sun can be felt through a windowpane
Grandpa's presence comes here time and time again
Day by day he comes
And he lingers by her side
He waits for death to claim her
When heartbeat and breath subside
He sees her fight the battle
We know she just can't
And tells her to be brave and strong
She'll soon be with him again
He gently takes her hand in his
The softest of touches he makes
Grandpa's spirit gently caresses her skin
As he touches his sweetheart's face
On occasion Grandma can feel him now
How wonderful it seems!
A moment's rest through this battle stage
Like a sweet and beautiful dream
And for one brief moment she forgets her pain
And feels much like a young new bride
She yearns to see Grandpa's face again
To never leave his side
So whil we wait through the days and hours
'Til the dreaded goodbye must come
Grandpa waits with growing excitement
He's been withour her far too long
Grandpa understands the sorrow we feel
For we also once mourned him in grief
He stands by our side to lend us support
And hopes we'll find comfort and peace..."
"And when that final, sacred moment came
Grandma slipped just beyond our grasp
And Grandpa embraced her with open arms
Welcoming her home at last..."
-Author Unknown

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LegalMist said...

Oh, Adriana, I'm so sorry for your loss, but what a beautiful poem. I hope it helps you and your family find peace and comfort.