Shout no more

When I was in business school (mostly for my MBA) we talked a LOT about product loyalty. It was the mother load of sales. We studied why people form it, what increases it, how to obtain it, and how to change it. There was always something about it that fascinated me. Mostly because it had never occurred to me what all I was loyal to and why.

I like millions of other consumers have "try new things" fear. I hate spending money on things that I am not totally sure I am going to like...especially if there was nothing wrong with what I was using before. There are two things that will tempt me outside my box. A good deal and or the opinion of others I respect. Nothing gives me that little push to try a new cereal or type of soap or anything else than a sale or coupon.

The other part is the testimony of someone I trust. If my sister or close friend says that the new "xyz" is amazing and I HAVE to try it at some point I probably will especially if I'm not as thrilled with whatever I am using. So imagine my surprise when the other day I was talking to a friend of mine and was complaining about not being able to get some very stubborn stains out of some clothes. (Namely the sketch marks left from Palmer's fear of alligators *ahem*).

She said that she uses Spray & Wash and it works awesome. I have always been a Shout girl mostly because that is what my mom had always used. I will admit that there have been other times when I was less than thrilled with my Shout stain working abilities but I had assumed that the stains were just impossible to get out. Let's be honest here I am not one of those moms that work with tooth brushes or anything trying to get a stain out. I spray, wash, and if it comes out great, if not then oh well. In rare instances I have been know to let clothes soak in Oxyclean or something to get pesky stains out. So this weekend while grocery shopping I figured it was worth a shot when I saw that Spray & Wash was on sale.

I used the new stain release and I was amazed. I did nothing more than I normally do with my laundry and just sprayed the stains. Emily had a white shirt covered in Koolaid, white soccer socks with grass stains, and some kind of marker or blue paint all over the sleeves of a shirt. Palmer of course had his alligator fear stains, a shirt that I had failed to get something pink of the last time I washed/dried it, and a few other shirts with who knows what all over them. Bret also had a shirt with set in stains (white shirt of course) that he had gotten browned from carrying his golf clubs for 18 holes and sweated through like crazy. All of the stains came out. Even the set in ones. I was impressed and have officially converted after YEARS of using Shout. Thank you Julie!

Although I loath doing laundry it is fun to see things finally come clean.

*I was not paid to write this review for Spray & Wash...although if someone is interested in paying me to review their products please do not hesitate to contact me :)


LegalMist said...

I'm a "Spray-n-Wash" gal, too. :)

Julie said...

No problem....anytime!! :)