When it comes to newborn things I think that the idea that there are such things as gender neutral clothes is not completely true. Everything looks boy to me. It may not look girl but it looks much more boy.

After looking through the mountains of clothing, blankets, sheets, burp clothes, etc I realized that I have very few (maybe 2 items) gender neutral clothes (aka white, yellow, green, and don't forget the inevitable rubber ducky). So while out getting some fall/winter clothes for the kids I browsed by the newborn section. LOTS of cute baby stuff but nothing that I was really crazy for that could be considered neutral. I am just not that crazy about the rubber ducky thing and that leaves not much else to choose from. The only things that I really liked were all white. While this is a possibility it is much more likely that I will simply purchase a "take home from the hospital" outfit for both a girl and a boy and just deal with it. The other option I have though about is going with the all white outfit and getting a hat for both a girl and a boy so that people can easily tell which it is.

I always thought the take home outfit was funny. Besides the pictures you take no one really sees it...yet we had this for the first two so we should probably have it for the third. What I am super excited about is the "big brother/big sister" shirts for my other two kids. They are old enough to know what that means and are super excited. I was on another blog the other day and saw pictures of their kids (including a newborn) and there were all dressed up in teddy bear hooded jackets (I think I remember seeing something like that from Gap). CUTE! I have my eyes peeled for matching clothes. Boy or girl I am all about the matching outfits. I remember when my sister and I were young and how much I hated the matching outfits my mother would force us into for Christmas and family photos. I would never have guessed how much I was looking forward to subjecting my children to the same. LOL

I can't believe it is almost September...where did the summer go? Usually about this time I am picking through the pattern books at Joann's and making decisions on Halloween costumes. I have made both of the kids' costumes every year so far. I am really wavering on making them this year. Emily has gotten a little choosy and I almost think she would rather pick something out from the store or online than have me make it. I hate waiting till the last minute so even if we do buy something we will start talking about it soon. I also want to come up with something creative for me to wear (since a dressed up prego is always funny).

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Emily said...

Yeah, everyone always called my first daughter a boy when she wore "neutral clothes", but o-well. thanks for stopping by and good luck!