Buyer Beware

About a week ago Bret and purchased a new bed. We got a great deal on it and were super excited. This past Sunday the bed was delivered and we got it set up. Expecting the most amazing night's sleep I was literally "sorely" disappointed the next morning. I noticed that night when first laying down that the bed did not feel as comfy as the one we tried out in the store. Chalking that up to it being a "new" bed I let it go.

Last night was my second attempt at loving my new bed. At some point during my restless attempt at sleeping I had the strangest dream. I dreamt that the bed we received was in fact a firm mattress instead of the plush we ordered. I also dreamt that it was the biggest hassle and ordeal trying to get the situation resolved. So lo and behold this morning while getting ready to hop into the shower I was discussing with Bret my disappointment in our new mattress when I asked him if somewhere on the mattress or our invoice or something did it actually say plush or firm.

Bret took a second closer look at the invoice that came with the bed and of course it showed that the mattress was in fact a firm not a plush mattress. Strange I know.

So started early this morning I have been on the phone with said store. Come to find out that we were actually charged for a firm mattress not the plush one that we had thought. We also found out that they want to charge us an additional $ for the difference in price of the plush vs firm mattress.

Here is the thing that is so distressing to me. We checked and double checked with the sales rep at the time of purchase to be sure that were ordering the mattress we had chosen. The new reduced price was unexpected at the time of check out and we verified with both the sales rep and the manager that had to override the system to allow for the discounted price that we were getting the mattress we had chosen. When I went back to all of our receipts there is nothing but a product code identifying a mattress that does not specify brand or whether it is firm or plush. So now it has become a very specific sales associates word against ours. To say that I am beyond frustrated is an understatement. I am not letting it go because just one more night on that stupid stiff bed is enough to bring me to tears. The story is on going as I am to receive a return call this afternoon from the manager. Stay tuned to the conclusion of the mattress drama that ensues.


Married to a med student - Marissa Nicole said...

Bait and Switch - and its illegal! Tell them you will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau unless you get the mattress you were promised! (Threatening to tell everyone you know works pretty well too - good luck!)

Melisa said...

That's awful! And how strange that you had a dream about it the night before...

LegalMist said...

Obviously I can't offer legal advice, as I'm not licensed to practice in your state, however, from a practical / consumer / been-there-before perspective, here are some things to try:

If the mattress store holds fast and refuses to exchange the bed, and if you paid by credit card, then contact the credit card company and report the charge as disputed and explain why. Sometimes the credit card company will intervene on your behalf.

If that doesn't work, and threats and/or actual reporting to the BBB doesn't help or is taking too long (I reported something to BBB once, and it took months to get a response, so I didn't think it was all that helpful), then consider contacting the media.

Here in Arizona, there's a feature called "Three on your side" where Channel 3 news will investigate (with cameras rolling!) your claims of being ripped off. They usually get the problem resolved for the customers.

And finally, if they still persist in refusing to exchange the mattress, you might try your State Attorney General's office - report it as consumer fraud.

Just some thoughts.

Good luck. (And let us know how it all comes out).

Angel said...

What happened to the saying that "the customer is always right"??? Maybe the store needs to be reminded of that.

Darci said...

This is horrible! We reported a business to the Better Business Bureau and also had no results. I hope that they stay true to their word and just fix it. Also, crazy that your dream came true!

Anonymous said...

OMG, this is too funny. Dr. Love and I bought a new bed a few months ago. We were super-excited about it, and when we got home, it was REALLY uncomfortable. A new set of box springs, a new frame, and a new headboard later, it's finally comfortable, but that was about a three week process! Hang in there, girl! :)