1/2 way

This is my 20th week of pregnancy. That means I am officially half way through. Whoo hoo! To be completely honest it has been the easiest 20 weeks of any of my pregnancies. Yes there was a point in the first trimester when Bret was on his 4th week of nights that I thought....will this ever end? But with no nausea, sore boobs, or heart burn to complain about I am a happy girl. As of last month my total weight gain was 1 lb. While this may surprise many of you I am actually right on track with my weight gain. I *ahem* had a little extra to start with so the "ideal" gain for the entire pregnancy is between 15-20lbs total. I need to save up for the end when I know I'll be packing the weight on.

Today is also my 20 week sonogram. After much ho-humming we decided to not find out the sex of the baby. We found out with both Palmer and Emily and were super excited to do so. In fact I could barely stand to wait as long as we did both times. I barely slept the night before both times I was so worried they weren't going to be able to tell me. I had made Bret swear he would sneak me in to one of the hospitals and do another sonogram if we couldn't tell. This time around I am curious to find out (cause I have NO CLUE) but am more excited about waiting. Bret is still convinced that I think it is a boy and just want to hold on to the dream that it is a girl for a while longer.

The decision as to whether Bret would go or not has been taken out of our hands. He is scheduled to work clinic so he can't leave early to make the appointment. No big deal cause Emily is WAY more excited than he was anyways. She has been talking about it non stop. To say she is excited is such an understatement. She is overjoyed and so in love already. Just listening to her talk about the baby makes me smile as she is always thinking about a blanket that she found that would be perfect for the baby or what we should name it. Her excitement makes Bret and I even more excited.

I am just a smidge nervous about today. I know that this sonogram is when major problems/conditions are diagnosed. Getting through today with no concerns is a major hurdle in pregnancy. I pray for a healthy baby but am already in love with whatever God grants us. I opted out of the panel screening (tests for down syndrome) this time. I had the test the first two times but for whatever reason I just never went to get my lab work done.

Sometimes I think that the next 20 weeks are going to take forever but I know better. With the start of a new school year, lots of birthdays, and several major holidays on the horizon, January 4th (or hopefully a week sooner) will be here before we can blink twice.

*Update- I just got a call from my doctor's office reminding of my appointment that is scheduled for TOMORROW at 3pm...not today. I blame the pregnancy...it has captured my brain. LOL

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