Trying it out.

You guys were so helpful in deciding which swimsuit to buy I thought I would try you out again. BTW I bought one at Target that they didn't have a picture of online but it was very similar to the ones you guys liked the most.

One of the many conversations that Bret and I have been having lately (others being whether or not we are going to try and have a VBAC, pain medication, names, etc, etc) is whether or not we want to find out the sex of the baby.

People who know me in real life are shocked to find out that I am actually contemplating this idea. I am not good with waiting for surprises. You are talking about a girl who got to open presents on Christmas eve and sometimes birthday presents before it was even my birthday. The thing is my biggest reason for finding out both times before was so that I could be prepared and to make it seem more real. We have both a boy and a girl and really don't need much stuff at all. We need a carseat and some bedding stuff. Of course I plan to buy a couple of new outfits but otherwise we are pretty much set. As for the real part it's different the third time around.

My only hesitation is that my husband is an OB. He reads sonograms a million times a day. He is the type of guy that IF I said I didn't want to know he wouldn't tell me. Even if I changed my mind later. IT. WOULD. KILL. ME. if he knew and I didn't. So after discussing it at lengths he suggested three things 1) he could just skip the 20 week sonogram. I know this sounds awful at first but we have had two other sonograms and it's not as "new and exciting" for him and I can take Emily with me instead. 2) If it is obvious he would just tell me. We would try to avoid it but if by chance he saw he would just tell me. I am leaning towards this idea although I still think it would be fun to wait. or 3) We would just be very clear with my OB that he needed to be very careful and give both of us plenty of warning before going into this region so we (Bret) can turn our heads.

I am trying to stay very open minded and flexible with this pregnancy. So for now the plan is to keep it a surprise for everyone. My sonogram is in two weeks and who know in the moment I may change my mind.


FRANNIE said...

I think it would be fun for you both to wait and see.

Have Emily go with you to the sonogram so Bret's not tempted to peak.

Randi said...

We opted not to find out at our 20 wk sonogram and I'm happy with our decision. However, there's NO WAY I would not know and have Robb know. I agree with Frannie - take Emily and leave Brett :).