Best Laid Plans

A few years ago the faculty were told by administration that they needed to add a day to the curriculum. After much deliberation they decided to add Labor Day. I don't pretend to understand their reasoning but that said because the college is open the staff are required to work as well. This resulted in a couple of extra floating holidays for the staff which is why I am off today.

Don't get me wrong it is nice to have today off after the busy weekend to get caught up on laundry, house work, and spend some much needed time with the kids. I also don't mind working Labor Day that much because Bret is usually working to. The only real problem is that of course the daycare is closed so we have to scramble to get back up care for the day. I haven't seen the schedule this year so if by chance Bret does have off I can always use vacation time instead.

My days off are always intended to get "caught up". I had planned on things like getting a couple things I have been wanting to see on craigslist posted, get ahead on some cooking and fill my freezer with just a few things (like breakfast burritos..yum), and of course do something fun with the kids like spend the afternoon at the pool or catch a matinee. The best laid plans...

After spending the morning making breakfast, cleaning up after breakfast, and getting four loads of laundry done I am feeling pretty spent. I am hopeful that the kids will take an early nap and I can revive myself for round two this afternoon. It's days like today that make me wonder how I manage to put in an 8 hour work day plus my second job at home before and after work.

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Stephanie said...

I hear you, Adriana, and totally agree. I had planned on using my 'extra' day off last week to do laundry, give my bathroom more than a 'lick & a promise' cleaning and get a pedicure. I managed the laundry. Ah, well. What can ya do?