Lady Bugs Everywhere!

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Last year for Emily's 4th birthday party we wanted to do an outside theme since her birthday is at the end of July. Emily decided she wanted to do a ladybug theme as she was really into bugs at the time.

To decorate I used red and black streamers and balloons. On the red balloons I used a Sharpie and made spots all over them. I also bought Styrofoam half balls and spray painted them to look like lady bugs. Using pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and black pom poms I turned them into adorable lady bugs. We then used poster putty to hang them all over the apartment inside and out. The kids loved seeing them on the ceiling, doorways, and just about everywhere you looked. The kids also got lady bug head bands that we made using head bands bought at the Dollar Store, pipe cleaners, black pom poms, and hot glue.

Because it was so hot outside to start the party out we had our kiddie pool filled, the slip 'n slid out, and a sprinkler going. The kids had a great time getting wet and cooled off. (We had asked everyone to bring sunscreen, suits, and towels with them).

We had four other activities. I ordered ladybug beads from Oriental Trading and let the kids make their own bracelets and necklaces. For the smaller toddlers I had ladybug tattoos instead. For the second activity we stuck the spots on the lady bug. I drew the lady bug on a piece of poster board and used opened Oreo's for the spots. We put a bandanna on as a blind fold and then handed the child an Oreo. The kid then opened the Oreo and then licked it so that it would stick. They thought that was awesome. My younger child had a blast just eating the Oreo's.

Because no party is a party without a pinata the kids had a good time hitting away at the lady bug pinata I got at Party City.

The last activity was decorating a lady bug house that I ordered from Oriental Trading. The kits came with foam bugs that had to be glued on. To save time I bought lady bug stickers and let them use the stickers and markers to decorate instead. The kids then got a big surprise when they found out that we had ordered LIVE lady bugs from an online gardening site. Each child got to take home their bug headband, bracelets, and lady bug houses with live lady bugs. *Note* the bug houses that we made were not sealed up well enough to keep all ladybugs inside. Next time I plan to decorate jars or something instead. The kids didn't mind though cause they loved the lady bugs and they are good for the yard.

For food we had Emily's favorite finger foods which included fruit & veggie trays, cheese & crackers, juice boxes, and lady bug cupcakes that I made. After the party was over close friends and family stayed for a cookout. All of the kids had a blast and Emily is still talking about her ladybug party.


Autumn said...

Ok so that was last year right? What's the plan for this year?
I decorate cakes for a living (and love it) and I love your creative ideas (like the train for your son's birthday). Unfortunately I am not in a position to pick and choose what we decorate or to create my own styles quite yet (I work at a grocery store, you come in and pick what you want out of a book and I decorate it how you ordered it. Maybe one day I will have/work for a real bakery and I can be as creative as I want.) By the way the lady bug cupcakes are adorable. I have done those before (had to spray paint tooth picks black for the antenna on the bugs since we aren’t allowed to use licorice in case of allergies and what not. {Spray pain as in food coloring spray paint for those who don’t know})
Do you have pics of your son’s birthday cake? (Should really have looked before I asked but its Friday and I’m being lazy). I have no idea what I want to do for my daughters birthday (in October so I have time) but I can not wait to let my creative juices flow and just have fun with it. Also it would be GREAT if you could give us a ballpark of what you spent on these birthdays (for those of us on small budgets) Thanks so much! Love your blog!!!


John's Arts & Crafts said...

Great blog & Photos! New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug:http://historyoftheladybug.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being featured!

A ladybug party, how cute!