Cupcake Mayhem

I had planned to get a little done each day this week to get ready for the birthday party. Well, that went right out the window and I am stuck with a million things to get done before tomorrow at 1:30pm.

Ok, so I don't really have a million things to do just a bunch. The first of which is to clean my house. Add to that baking cupcakes, her actual giant cupcake, coloring frosting, making a pin the cherry on the cupcake game (cause I couldn't find one at the party stores and I didn't have time to order one either), stuffing the pinata, and praying for no rain tomorrow (Tuesday it said 40% chance of rain but today it is less than 10%).

I did not sleep well at all last night. I felt like I was awake every hour and never really got into that deep sleep. This is going to kick me in the ass today about oh...4:00 or so. I have no choice but to bust my butt and get things done and I tend to work well under those circumstances.

The good news is that nights is officially OVER. Can I get a WHOO HOO! It has been the roughest 5 week rotation we have had in a LONG time. Bret has a tee time set for this afternoon but has sworn that he plans to help do everything on his list. It may be an early morning cause I am guessing that he is going to be dying to sleep by the time he gets home.

The kids are super excited and at the moment I am expecting about 18 kids (although some of them are just friends with small babies). It should be crazy. I bet you can't wait for pictures.

Bret and I were talking the other day and decided that we do way more for Emily's birthdays than we have been for Palmer. My excuses is that since his birthday closely follows Christmas we are usually tapped for money, most people are busy, it's winter which means it's indoors, and he has only had 2 parties so far. Realizing that I am going to be having a baby around a month before his birthday we decided to be proactive. Our cash flow is up right now b/c Bret got paid out for some unused vacation time and we want to try and plan ahead. So we did the unthinkable (at least in my world). We booked and paid for a party at the Jump Factory for the Saturday after his birthday. This is a very popular birthday spot and it's kind of expensive (at least in my opinion). I know at that point we will be very grateful to not be planning a big party at our house and that Palmer and all of his little friends will love it. I also love the out of sight out of mind mato. It's paid for and done. All we need to do is provide 2 table clothes, balloons, favor bags, and cupcakes/cake. They do everything else. On the day before Emily's big party this is sounding pretty good and I know that a mere few weeks after giving birth it is going to sound even better.

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Good luck with everything - and your are an awesome Mom!