Moving Day

But not for us...thank goodness. Instead it is moving day for the graduating residents in our apartment complex. You might remember that we live in hospital owned apartments for residents and their families.

This year out of the 24 apartments 10 are turning over to new residents. It feels very surreal seeing all of the moving trucks, the boxes, and the junk being thrown out. Then you see the new faces moving into apartments. It is sad yet some what exciting at the same time. We will forever miss some of our closest friends but we are looking forward to making new friends. So far we have seen no families with children move in :( much to the disappointment of Emily who looking for new friends to play with.

I get asked A LOT of questions. Things like where do we bank, where is the closest dry cleaner, which grocery store do we go to, and how do you get into the storage area. We are happy to share the information gathered over our last two years.

My kids are not shy and knows/is known by everyone in our complex. It is their home and they are comforted by this community that welcomed us. They too are having a hard time seeing their friends move but are thrilled to make new acquaintances. It is almost like seeing the season change. You are sad to put your favorite pair of jeans away in the spring but are anxious to go swimming and eat fresh sweet corn for the first time all year.

My mom is leaving in two weeks to head home. It will be a rough transition for all of us when she is gone. The kids mentioned that they miss their friends so I am hopeful that going back to daycare will not be so bad. If they only knew what other changes we have in store for them lol.

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Little Miss Baker said...

Oh they will be OK I promise :) Good luck with everything my friend!!