Fun Dutch Style

Late last week Bret and I decided to take the kids to Dutch Wonderland today. This is a theme park located in Lancaster, PA which is only about 30 minutes away. It is unique in that the entire park is gaged toward small children (aka under the age of 12 or so). Last year there were only 2 rides that Emily was not tall enough to ride and it has a water park attached to it. Out of all the theme parks that we have visited here in PA (5 total) this is our favorite. It is one of the cheapest to go to and the kids LOVED it.

We had planned to take the kids sometime this summer but summer is quickly getting away from us. As mentioned Bret is on night all of July and August is a pretty busy time for me at work (and it is really hot then too). So we looked at this week and today was the only day that would really work for both of us so we are off. I took a half day of work so that we could leave at noon. Ideally we would have liked to have the entire morning to go also but asking for a half day at the last minute did not go over very well at all.

I know that when I was a supervisor it is sometimes hard to remain consistent when it comes to enforcing policy. I tried pretty hard though cause it drives me CRAZY when a boss lets something go for a long time and then picks a totally random day or request to decide that oh by the way this isn't really kosher with policy so don't do it again. (For example asking for time off with less than two weeks notice). I suppose I could have called in sick (which is what some of my coworkers would have done) but instead I was completely honest. I NEVER ask for time off last minute (other than sick time) because Bret can never get off at the last minute. His leave requests have to be in 3 months in advance so my requests usually follow. We take most of our time to go back to KS and once in a while for a conference. It's not like I am asking for tomorrow off either. I gave 4 working days notice. Oh well.

It is just one more thing that makes me wonder if this job really is a good fit. Either way I am not going to let it take away from the super excited kids that are waiting for me at home to take them to the second happiest place on earth. Happy Monday!


JC said...

Hope you have/had fun ...

Isabel Princes said...

Have a great time today! Our little amusment park geared for little guys is closing this summer, sooooo sad.
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