Just enough to be dangerous

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday...actually it was a sonogram. I am only 11 weeks pregnant so it was just a check to see if my ovarian cysts that I had removed was still there or not and to measure the gestational age of the baby. Everything looked great. *huge sigh of relief*

I am not an OB/GYN far from it actually. However, I have heard thousands of stories about everything you could (and some that you couldn't) imagine. That said I have also heard a lot of really awful things that have happened. I am a pretty well grounded person and can usually put everything into perspective. That doesn't mean, though, that I don't still worry.

I have had 2 perfect children and one very early miscarriage. Every pregnancy was different and this time is no exception...well except that I know a lot more. All of this is to say that I am always so relieved when I have my sonograms to have that tiny bit of reassurance that everything is going well. I also have a super patient husband that answers my millions of questions.

Some of you may have read recently that Dr. George Tiller was murdered. He lived in Wichita, KS which is where Bret and I were living before we moved here. It was strange that everything happened the week we happened to be there. While I was definitely NO fan of Dr. Tiller I am also no advocate for murder or any sort of violence.

I had my first sonogram (compliments of Dr. Heskett..yes there are some benefits) when I was just barely six weeks pregnant. While I didn't see what would look like an actual baby I saw a heart beat. More importantly I HEARD a heart beat. Although it was slightly faster than mine it was just as strong and loud. It was a HEART BEAT at just six weeks. Fast forward to yesterday at 11 weeks and I saw a baby. It had a head with a brain, arms, legs, and was doing some crazy somersaults inside of me. It was a BABY. People can reason or justify all that they want to but I have seen with my own eyes that even at a point (it would have to grow for 8 more weeks before it is even considered late term for abortion) so early in pregnancy it is still a baby that has a beating heart and is alive.


Curly Muse said...

I used to be VERY strong Pro-Life but then became confused and was a bit of "in cases of extreme emergencies only" girl. but I am slowly turning back to PRO LIFE for all. It is a baby.. plain and simple.

randi said...

I was shocked when I heard about Tiller. I think what he did was horrific, but vigilante justice is wrong as well.

It's amazing to see the sonograms and witness what is going on inside. I love all the movement your little one is doing. Will you guys find out gender?

Adriana said...

Randi- That as well as several other things (such as if we are going to have a scheduled c-section or not) is still up in the air.