Dr. Dad

There are 16 OB/GYN residents in Bret's program. Out of those 16 two of them are dads. Out of those two dads one is a graduating resident (aka chief) and is done for the year. That leaves one remaining dad in the entire program. Guess who is scheduled to work on Father's Day.

That would be Bret. We knew that he was going to have to work this weekend. He had the last two weekends off because of our trip home to KS. However, we never in a million years thought he would need to request Sunday off since he was the ONLY dad in the program. We assumed he would work a 24 on Saturday instead. No such luck.

I am sure that if he guilted enough someone would have switched with him but it would have taken a lot of guilt work. He goes on to nights next weekend which means he is 6 weeks from being able to switch a weekend with someone else. Oh, well.

We have spent other holidays in the resident call room of the hospital and this is no different. We will pack up movies, games, crayons, and other fun activities and hope for a very slow day for Bret. We will either take lunch in with us or eat at our favorite cafeteria. The kids will probably spend some time at the nurses station (cause they are very popular with the nurses) and I will get some much craved reading time as well.

Bret will come home that evening to his favorite home cooked meal, cards made by the kids, and some super fun presents. It is also our anniversary on Sunday but we will have celebrated it the night before at one of our favorite restraunts. The evening will be topped with an extra special dessert.

It is not perfect but it is our life and we wouldn't have it any other way. I found a new blog the other day http://equanimityfound.blogspot.com/ and the first post I read brought me to tears.

She is expecting their first child and often wonders about the balancing act that is critical to surviving marriage to a doctor. I too wonder about this often but only need to see the bond between my children and my husband to find the reassurance that love, admiration, and commitment to each other is strong. I think a good parent is a good parent regardless of the profession that take on. Parents that are doctors have to work a lot harder to find the time but the lessons that they teach their children through the example of their life's work has it's own rewards.

Below is the link she had on her site that is to a post that a child of a doctor wrote about what it was like to have a dad that is an OB/GYN. Happy father's day to all of the dads out there!


Little Miss Baker said...

awwwe! that's too bad about holidays but at least you guys are still able to spend them together, kids and all! I bet you hubby loves being able to see you guys! have a great weekend and good luck on the giveaway; thanks for entering :)

Bea said...

Aw, thanks for the shout out. The post from the OB/GYN's daughter got me crying too.

I can't believe they scheduled Bret on Father's Day! I'm sorry. I swear... sometimes this stuff frustrates me so much.

I love how you and the kids go to the hospital regularly and hang out with Bret. Not only does it benefit you as a family, but I'm sure it reminds others in the hospital about the importance of family and the importance of having time with dad. And I'm sure it doesn't matter what you do while you're at the hospital. All that matters is that you're together. I think I'm going to have to institute that same kind of routine once the baby is here. No one in the hospital seems to bring their kids in regularly, but hey, I'm ready to start the trend. It's important.

Hope Bret has a wonderful father's day and happy anniversary to you two!


That sux! Guess youll have to make his day special on another day!