You & Me and Me & You

The theme of this past weekend was Bret and Adriana time. I will be the first to admit that all to rarely do we take the time away from the kids to spend quality time with each other. Granted that our kids are still pretty young and go to bed around 8-8:30 so we have time every evening but that is just not the same.

So Saturday night we got a babysitter and went out. We went to a local restaurant called Mom Chaffee's. It is a hole in the wall but very romantic. The food is authentic Italian and fabulous. I had ravioli stuffed with portabello mushrooms and mozzarella covered in a chunky marinara sauce with a braised chicken breast. My mouth is watering just remembering it. The only part that stunk was the fact that I ate it all and didn't save anything to take home with me for later.

Bret had soft shell crab that was to die for (if you like that sort of thing which he totally does). We then went and saw Angels & Demons. The reviews have it pretty much right. It is not nearly as good as the book and is just an OK movie. We were going to go see Star Trek but the next showing wasn't until 9:45 and we didn't feel up to waiting that long.

The kids stayed home with a babysitter and had a great time. They played outside, made cookies, watched a movie, and popped popcorn. Overall I am not sure who had more fun us or the kids.

On Sunday we got our pictures taken (we had to reschedule from Saturday) and they turned out awesome. I will post tonight or tomorrow as I didn't have time to load them onto the computer yet. After nap time a close friend came over and hung out with the kids for a couple of hours while Bret and I hit the driving range. We had dinner and went for a great walk. Over all it was a very relaxing weekend. I think our next date is to go and play bingo. I haven't played in a long time and that sounds like so much fun. Next weekend Bret has to work on Saturday and I have to work on Sunday which is a bummer but we both have Monday off. We leave for KS on the 29th of May and I can't believe how quickly time is flying.


Julia@SometimesLucid said...

Sounds like you had a perfect weekend - both with the kids and by yourselves!

Curly Muse said...

I do truly hope you make it to see Star Trek, it was great... Angels and Demons falls short...