My Mom

In all the craziness that was last week and this past weekend I didn't have much of a chance to write a post to my mom. I think part of that was because I have been a little homesick and missing my mom is the hardest part.

I could move anywhere in the world and although it would be hard to leave family and friends if I had Bret, the kids, and my mom, I know I would be OK. Each time we leave KS saying goodbye to her is the hardest part. There are no words for what my mom means to me. I talk to her everyday. The love that she has for my children is unmeasurable and the feeling is quite mutual.

For weeks after we moved to PA when Emily would get extra tired or didn't feel good she would cry for my mom. Last summer my mom came and stayed with us for a month and it felt like only a few days the time went so quickly.

My mom came to the US to visit her brother who was going to school when she was 27 years old. She met my father and was married in less than a year. A year after that I was born and her life has never been the same since. A few years ago my mom fulfilled a dream of hers and became a US citizen. She loves to travel, shop, and most importantly spend time with her grandchildren. She ran a home daycare for 25 years. After some life changing events my mom changed careers and applied for and got a job working at JC Penney's. She loves it and is great at it. She is nationally recognized for her sales and most importantly (at least for Penney's) her credit card application numbers.

In this past year I have seen my mom go from a very comfortable life to starting completely over. She almost never lets it get her down and she works even harder. She is more than intimidated by the world she lives in but she never lets it stop her from trying. She has called me with questions on how to get an attorney, open a new checking account, find her car title, and file her own taxes. She is becoming more and more independent and it fills me pride to see her do so. Some of my best and worst traits come from my mother and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Angel said...

I agree with everything you said, she is an extraordinary woman.

It is a wonderful post and I hope she gets to read what you wrote, she would love it so much!

Adriana said...

Angel you mean the world to my mom and have been a great source of support. Thank you for always being so good to her.