I chocolate milkshake you

I have to tell you that Bret & the kids did a great job yesterday making me feel loved and adored. On Friday last week the kids brought home wrapped gifts that they made in school. Emily was SOO excited and couldn't wait to give it to me. She had been telling me all week that she had a surprise for me and that I was going to love it.

On Sunday morning after we all were up and around I told Emily that it was finally Mother's Day. She ran to the place where she had been hiding her gift and got Palmer's out too. Each class made a picture and had them put in a frame provided by the PTA. They looked awesome. Palmer's was a finger painting in purple (my favorite color). Emily's was an adorable flower with a cupcake wrapper for the flower and she finger painted the stem and grass. The kids also made cards which were really cute too.

Over the weekend I also got an unexpected flower & chocolate delivery. The card read "to the mother of our grandchildren, love mom and dad". At first I thought they were from my dad because that is totally something he would do except the mom and dad part as they are in the midst of a knock down drag out divorce. Turns out that my MIL sent them to me. I felt bad not realizing it sooner but in my defense the woman is not the flowers kind of gal. When I had surgery she sent me a check and told me to buy something fun. That is much more like her. I on the other hand love flowers so I was totally in love. We ate a couple of chocolates the night we got them but the next morning Palmer decided to finish them off much to Emily's horror. She came running into my room and with a very somber face told me that Palmer ate ALL of my chocolates.

The award for making this mother's day the all time best so far goes to Bret. To start with he got me the most awesome gift that I never in a million years would have guessed that he would go and buy on his own....a jogging stroller. He said that he and Palmer had tried over 10 different ones before deciding on one. I had mentioned that I had wanted one for a long time since we had been using a neighbors that is going to be moving soon. He also replaced the chocolate (and then some) that Palmer had eaten.

Besides the gifts the day was just nice. We took the kids to the zoo and spent the day together as a family which is really what it is all about. It really did feel like my day when Bret ordered a chocolate milkshake even though he really doesn't like chocolate at all (I know insane right?) for us to share. Bret knows that the fastest way to this girls heart is with chocolate.


Moi said...

that sounds like a fabulous mother's day and the gifts from your kids sound so sweet!

Adriana said...

Thanks Moi!