3 am wake up call

I was home yesterday because my kids were sick. It was a regular night until at just before 3 am I get woken up by a crying "MOM! I'm sick!" from Emily.

What is it about 3 am? Why can't kids get sick right after you put them to be before you yourself go to sleep? Why can't they get sick at 6am when you need to be up anyways? It always seems to hit right during your heaviest sleep time and always too late to make it back to sleep for any amount of time.

The thing I HATE most about being a mom is cleaning up vomit hands down. I will take all other bodily fluids before vomit. I just can't do it. Some people say that in a marriage you need to have someone who will kill bugs. I say that you need to have someone who can clean up vomit and that person is definitely not me. From the beginning of having children Bret has been the sole parent responsible for this duty. I have the weakest stomach in the world and just walking into a room where someone has gotten sick is enough to have me doubled over and heaving. So my job is usually cleaning the kids up. In my house that means an automatic bath without plugging the water because that is just gross. Even if you made it to the bathroom you take a bath because there is nothing worse than a spot in your hair or your hands or whatever that may smell still. The kids have learned this about me and don't even question it. I usually have to take a shower afterwards too because otherwise I go to bed paranoid that maybe something got on me and I missed it. I get nauseous just thinking about. So for today give your kudos to Bret for rinsing out sheets, pillow cases, PJ's, and wiping up stuff you don't even want to think about. I love you honey for not making me take care of this.

The ironic part is that of course I keep the kids home and they are fine the rest of the day. Not just fine but full of energy. Of course if I would have sent them to school they would have gotten sick and then I would be the bad parent for not taking care of them. You just can't win.


Moi said...

hmmmm..wondering once more if I am ready for children...

Adriana said...

Moi- lol...stay tuned for my mother's day tribute later this week and why I love being a mom (the good really outweighs the bad or we wouldn't be talking about a 3rd)