Totally Awkward Tuesday

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During my senior year in college my sister and I lived together as she was also a freshman. We both had campus jobs in between classes so we often times rode to work/class together so that we only had to pay for one parking permit.

Sister was driving and I was enjoying my hot cup of coffee when sister mentioned that she was having a difficult time seeing because the sun was in her eyes. It was very bright and just at the time of day where the visor was no help what so ever. Before I had a chance to advise her on what to do she hit the curb hard and ran my little car up into the driveway of the business. No harm no foul except my coffee went everywhere. It covered the windshield, the dash, and of course me. I was soaked. So we turned around and headed home (which was only 2 minutes away). We were already running a little late so I had to hustle in to get changed and run back out. It was summer so I threw on some Khaki shorts and a new shirt and was on my way.

Sister was ready to (as she did not get soaked in coffee) so off we went to work. I noticed that the seat was a little damp but there wasn't much I could do about it so I forgot about it. Sister came to pick me up at the office to head home at the end of the day after work and classes.

Sister: "Oh my gosh what is all over your butt?"
Me: "What?" "I don't know what?" slightly panicked.
Sister: "You have this huge brown spot on your butt" "Gross"
Me: Thinking quickly what the heck I could have sat in and then it occurs to me...the damp seat this morning from coffee. I had walked around at work, class, on campus with a huge brown coffee spot on my butt all day. NO.ONE.SAID.ANYTHING!!!

Sister trying desperately not to laugh gave me an innocent look.

Sister: "I'm sure no one noticed"
Me: Red faced and totally embarrassed trying to remember who I had ran into that day. UGH


Up Rooted said...

That's funny. I can't believe nobody said anything. I'm usually the one telling people if they have something in their teeth or a string hanging, etc. If I was there I would have probably told you you had a stain.

Adriana said...

Up Rooted- The other day I was meeting with a prospective student's parents and the dad had his fly open. I just couldn't bring myself to saying anything to him. If it was just the mom I would probably have said something but it was too weird to mention it to the dad.

Cathy said...

I totally would've told you about the stain. I can't believe no one mentioned it to you all day!

Tova Darling said...

Oh my gosh! How awful! It sucks that no one said anything!!

Musings of the Mrs. said...

Not Awkward. Mortifying!