Freaky Friday (on Thursday b/c I'm out tomorrow)

A friend of mine's father in law passed away a few years ago from lung cancer. He was a smoker for the majority of his life and never quit even after being diagnosed. Unlike most people when he got older he smoked cigars rather than cigarettes. I love the smell of cigars and even though I used to smoke I am not a big fan of smoking them. Cigars have a very distinct smoky sweet smell that people can smell from a long ways away.

A few months after her father-in-law passed away the family (her, husband, and two elementary school boys) came home for eating dinner out. They got out of their car in the garage and both the parents looked at each other because they could smell cigar smoke in the garage. They went into the house and it was filled with the smell of cigars. It wasn't smoky in any way and there was no one home. Due mostly in part to seeing the struggles of their father with cancer no one in the household was a smoker of any kind. Within an hour the smell vanished. It was as if someone sucked the smoke right out of the air. It has happened two other times since then. No reason or explanation that anyone can come up with other than grandpa came to visit.

Happy Friday!


pj said...

Your really throwing me off with this freaky friday on a thursday. That is some pretty weird stuff and that smell is unmistakeable!

As for the mints, I am a professional the people never know, lol.

Adriana said...

LOL! I totally forgot that today wasn't Friday cause it's my Friday since I have off tomorrow. I had it in my head all day that it was Friday. Thanks for catching that! Sorry for throwing you off!