Totally Awkward Tuesday- Conclusion to the Pee Trilogy

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Bret lived in a fraternity for his first year at college. I am not a big fan of Greek life and thereby wasn't a big fan of staying over at the frat house. Bret's frat house was well know for it's parties and thereby not so well know for the condition of the house that held those parties. The one nice thing about the house was that there was always something going on. On one particular fun night we were playing cards with some of the other brothers. Some of the older guys were getting home from the bars with their dates. One of Bret's good friends happened to bring home a couple of VERY drunk girls with him. So here we are minding our own business drinking a couple of beers and playing cards when one of the super drunk girls comes streaking through the main commons room. By streaking I mean totally and completely naked and the guy was trying to catch her and haul her off back to his room to get her dressed and hopefully let her pass out so she could sleep it off.

That weekend happened to be a home game so lots of people were at the house getting ready for the game the next day and the big tail gate they always held. One of the guys that Bret was friends with was a pretty soft spoken and reserved type of guy. He was super nice but really a big nerd (of course he was a nerd if he was friends with Bret) and his dad happened to be staying over that night because he was going to the game the next day. To make a long story short the crazy naked girl stumbled into this poor boy's room who's dad was sleeping on the couch. The drunk girl went up to the dad who I think was pretty much asleep and started to make out with him. Then the next thing you know the drunk girl is squatting and peeing right there on the floor in front of this kid's dad. The guy who brought the girl home was running all around the house and when he finally found her there was quite a commotion because apparently she didn't want to leave.

Bret and I are at a loss on trying to figure out who was scarred more that night the kid or his dad. Bret seems to think that the dad wouldn't think of it as that bad of a night since he got a little action for a drunk college girl.

The really awkward part is that because it was a frat house there is only one girls bathroom on the main floor in the commons room. Of course after a night of drinking I had to run down there early in the morning and wouldn't you know who else had to pee. Yep there she was in a t-shirt and nothing else. "Crazy night huh" she said to me. What do you say back? "Yep, pretty crazy" I replied. Poor girl had no clue.


Tova Darling said...

Oh my gosh!!!! That poor dad!! He probably wanted his son to transfer to a different school after that.

pj said...

That would be much funnier if I didn't have a daughter.

Up Rooted said...

OMG, talk about total black out. Even if someone told the girl what she did she probably wouldn't believe them.