Help! I'm trapped!

We moved from a 4 bedroom house into a two bedroom apartment when we moved from KS to PA. For the first 9 months or so we had a lot of our stuff kept in storage unit. However, it didn't take us long to realize how much money we were spending to store our stuff. So we sold alot. We put our practically new washer and dryer on Craigslist and sold it in two days. I had the mother of all garage sales and sold over $800 worth of stuff including a book shelf, patio furniture, end tables, coffee table, books, videos, kids clothes, toys, AND SO MUCH MORE. It was a great sale and it felt really good to get rid of stuff. We then took a bunch more stuff to good will.

In the basement of our apartment complex we have a storage area. It has a door on it and a lock (not that we ever lock it). It is not very big (compared to the unit we were renting) but it is nice to have. After all of our selling we managed to literally cram everything into this unit. However, it is tight. In fact it is impossible to get anything else into it or out of it because it is jammed packed from floor to ceiling. This drives me insane. Mostly because I can never find anything that I am needing/wanting and usually just have to forgo it but also because it is so packed some things have gotten broke. What is the point of having these things if I can't ever find or use them. What do you ask is in the storage unit? Our Christmas tree and decorations, the crib and dresser, Emily's toddler bed, a toy box full of crap, lots of kids clothes that are now to small, other holiday decorations, our China (from our wedding), my wedding dress (it is in a sealed box), other wedding stuff, a tub of maternity clothes, books (Bret's mostly classics and good books for our someday library), a gun cabinet (yes there are guns in it), poker table, card table, high chair, toys that we want to reuse someday with our other kids, luggage, camping stuff, and so much more I can't even begin to list it all.

So where do we go from here? Part of me wants to continue to get rid of everything and the other part says no just hang on to it. I wonder sometimes if I would really miss having the kids clothes when we have another child. I have gotten rid of so much and what I have kept I have let other people borrow. UGH!!

So last night I was frustrated because there were several things that I wanted and I knew that asking Bret for help was pointless. He hates going into that storage unit and refuses unless I beg, plead, cry, and threaten. So I decided to take on the unit and find 1) Easter decorations, eggs, and the kids' baskets, 2) My wedding stuff so I can have some things that I promised SIL she could borrow, and 3) the maternity tub and a kids outgrown clothes tub to add some things that people who borrowed had returned. I was also hoping to find my tostone board but that was hoping big.

It was a nightmare and although I was making my way through things at one point I had an avalanche and although nothing broke and I was ok...I was trapped. The poker table happened tipped over and I was behind it on the opposite side of the door. Then several boxes tipped over on top of that and literally I was trapped. The kids were playing outside with some of the neighbors and I knew that even if I sat there and yelled no one would ever hear me. I also didn't think I wanted them to come find me because it was a weird situation to be in. So I did what anyone else would do. I dug myself out of that hole and crawled out. This was the straw that broke the camels back. I am once and for all going to sort and organize that unit if it kills me. I used to be the person who hung on to everything well there is nothing like living in tiny living quarters to make you change that habit fast.

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