Lent Joke

An older Irish man was a frequent patron at the local pub. His order was always the same..three beers. One day the bar tender got curious and asked the man "Why do you order three beers at the same time? Wouldn't you want to finish one and then order the next so the first two don't get warm?"

The Irish man replied "Lad I have two brothers that live in different parts of the world. When we last parted we promised that no matter where we lived we would always order a beer for the others to remember that they are near and dear to our hearts." The bar tender was touched by the fondness that the man felt for his brothers.

A few weeks later the bartender noticed that someone else was serving the Irish man and that only two beers were on the table. His heart sank as he rushed over to the man. "Oh, no did something happen to one of your brothers? You only have two beers." The Irish man chuckled and said "No lad twas I that gave up beer for Lent".

My priest told this joke one year during the Ash Wednesday homily. I always think of it when this time of year rolls around. I got up early with Bret this morning. It was nice to have a few minutes with him before he left for work although I could tell he was not used to having someone who wanted to talk early in the morning. So far so good but we will see how this afternoon goes and if a second pot of coffee will be needed to keep me awake.

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