Home Sick for Arepas

Last night for dinner I made Arroz con Pollo, arepas, and tostones. These are all of my mom's favorite foods from Colombia...her home. It was fun to have something out of the ordinary for dinner and both Bret and the kids ate like crazy. After dinner Bret kind of gave me a funny look and asked what was up with the Colombian cuisine. Not that he minded it was just not something that I would normally whip up. I told him that it was nothing..the plantains were on sale at the grocery store and we hadn't had chicken and rice in a long time. He told me that my arepas were awesome and not to change a thing next time. He also said we could have tostones any time as both of the kids ate their weight in them.

I however thought about what Bret asked as I was washing the dishes. I miss my mom and my aunt Ruth. I thought about how much fun it would have been to have had them over for dinner and surprised them with their ethnic cuisine favorites. I thought about how in their very Hispanic fashion they would have gushed over the tostones and raved about the arepas and ate three helpings of the chicken and rice and probably would have begged to take some home with them. It was a subconscious reminder that I was homesick. Not for Kansas but for them. I have always said that if I could move my mom with me I could live anywhere in the world. I would miss the rest of my family but her I miss the most. When she is with me she is a constant help. She spoils the children, does my laundry, and cleans like a crazy person. She is always up for an outing even if just to the grocery store and loves to shop as much as I do.

Even though we live in a two bedroom apartment she came and stayed with us for six weeks last summer and it was awesome. The time flew by and I was shocked at how much everyone got a long so well. I thought for sure that Bret would have been glad to see her go and that she too would have gotten on my nerves but it was quite the opposite. Bret and I had a lot of fun just going out the two of us and spent more time alone than since we had kids. The kids had a blast over the summer and I had help. I was still a little surprised when Bret asked if my mom was coming for the whole summer this year. I don't know who is more excited about it..me, Emily, or my mom. I have been thinking about a way to get her to move here. We just have to find a house we can afford to rent and get her some insurance since she will no longer be on dad's insurance. Hmm...I will have to work on that. In the mean time we will think of her as we enjoy the delish food.


Julia@SometimesLucid said...

My mouth is watering. Please leave recipes for all. Thank you.

Angel said...

She totally needs to live near you, that would be so good for her for so many reasons and she would be so happy to be near the kids.