Totally Awkward Tuesdays

Dr. Heskett and I started dating the spring semester of our freshman year. At the time it felt like we were taking it slow but in hind site things went pretty quickly. I have this friend from high school who was kind of like one of those on again off again "friends with benefits" types. We never really "dated" but we hung out a lot starting the summer after HS graduation and into our freshman year of college. Neither of us really wanted a serious relationship and was enjoying going out to the bars and hanging with a large group of friends.

I know that he "dated" different girls and he totally knew that I was dating too. At one point while we were both home for the holiday break (we lived 10 minutes apart) I mentioned that I wanted us to try the whole dating thing. Being the typical male that he was he wanted to know why I would ever want to screw-up/change something so perfect. We kind of left the conversation go and cooled off our hanging out time for a while. No one was mad just needed some reflection time.

About a month later I met Dr. Heskett. We were having a good time and really starting to like each other. Then one night about 4 months into my dating Dr. Heskett my "friend" showed up late and was drunk and pretty upset. The jist of the story was that one of his really good friends (his biology lab partner) was falling in love. Still trying to figure out the pieces that were missing in the drunk ramblings of my friend I was completely lost. For months now he had been hearing all about this girl that his friend was totally into and was pretty happy to hear about it...until today. Still not understanding where this was going or how I was involved the light bulb suddenly went off in my completely sober head....my friend had biology on MWF at 8:30...guess who else had biology on MWF at 8:30. Yep you guessed it..Dr. Heskett. What are the odds that at a division one school with 28,000 students the guy that I was dating happened to be friends/lab partners with my high school buddy. Talk about AWKWARD.

My friend was not mad (he didn't have any right to be and he knew it) he was just bummed. I think he thought that I would always be waiting in the wings until we were both done having fun our freshman year. In fact during our recent conversation that past break he told me that I was the girl he wanted to marry someday and that he wasn't ready for that sort of commitment right now. He knew Dr. Heskett pretty well and knew that he was a really good guy. Suddenly he realized that he had lost me thus the reason for showing up at my house distraught and drunk. Trying to reassure this friend that it was WAY too soon to be that freaked out and that we were just dating he knew. He knew before either Dr. Heskett or I did that this relationship was different. 10 years later he was still right. My friend got married a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier for him. Although we have managed to stay close friends it's a little weird for hubs (he was pretty happy that he is now married) and I am pretty sure that the new wife isn't crazy about me either.


Tova Darling said...

This story is totally the definition of "you snooze, you lose."

What are the chances that they'd be lab partners??

Sassy Britches said...

Poor chap. But isn't it a beautiful story that he knew before anyone?!

Matt said...

I am still friends with my ex-girlfriend. When she got married, I was invited. So I went to Pottery Barn for a gift and got to ask the attendant "what gift says 'I'm sorry I slept with your wife?'" The answer, it turns out, is "a picnic basket".

Adriana said...

Tova- I know right?

Sass- Beauty is ironic.

Matt- Who knew? I thought small appliance when we bought their wedding gift...it was much harder than I thought b/c at first I thought linens or towels then I worried that maybe that would be seen in the wrong light, then I though barware, again could be misunderstood...finally I figured the toaster (that was way too expensive IMHO) could not possibly been seen the wrong way..right?

Morgan the Muse said...

aww... well, I guess life goes on.

Cora said...

Well that's what he gets for keeping you waiting in the wings. Boys! As if you would just wait forever! Like Tova said, you snooze, you lose.

Former Fat Chick said...

OMG! I love this story! I keep waiting to see Molly Ringwald...or Andrew Mcarthy any minute! hee-hee!

ha-ha Matt's commnet is priceless!