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Dr. Heskett and I started dating our freshman year. This means that almost all of my best drunken college stories involve him or he was witness or he was the source of the hilarious situation.

Dr. Heskett had 9 people in his high school graduating class and they to this day are all very close. Most of the guys went to a small state school that was renowned for the parties. Several times a year we would all (everyone from the small town that went to KSU) road trip to this college for a weekend of drunken fun and rampant with our friends.

A few weeks after we got engaged we had such a weekend and it did not disappoint. Dr. Heskett is many things but keeping up with his high school buddies in a weekend marathon of drinking is not always one of them. So after the big party that the friends were hosting started to die down the remaining crew (minus Dr. Heskett who went upstairs to pass out) decided to head to a local bar to continue the fun.

Side note: the bar (still there today) is named the Sip 'n Spin. You guessed it...it is a bar/dance club and attached to it is a laundry mat (by attached I mean in the next room). Ah, how I miss Kansas.

These friends that we hung out with were more like family as their girlfriends and I were very close and we had spent countless evenings and weekends together. We went on vacations together and everyone's parents were close friends as well. I preface this because while at the bar we were continuing to drink and we were dancing. By dancing I mean we were drunk and having a good time dancing. I think dancing is something that can be intended to be very innocent but from the outside can look like something completely different. So during one of these dances I had a cute blond guy who was there with his friends come up to me with a very pissed off look on his face.

Hot guy: "Nice ring"

Me: "Thanks" who are you and what do you want?

Hot guy: "Where is your fiance" with a disgusted attitude

Me: (very drunk and feisty) "none of your F**%ing business...what do you care"

Hot guy: "I bet he would care if he saw you out here acting like this"

Me: "What the hell...actually I don't think he would care but you can go ask him if you want to..who are you anyways and why do you care?"

By this time the two guys that I was dancing with started to circle and so did the girlfriends that were there too.

Hot guy: "I'm Landon...his cousin? Where is Bret?"

Me: Recognition of who this person was and why he was freaking out b/c of what it really looked like to him...awkward..."Oh Landon...hey how is it going? Bret is back at the house passed out. These are his classmates and their girlfriends...we were just dancing and having some fun.

Landon: Awkward pause and looking around for confirmation also feeling like an ass...he too had been drinking. Luckily we are all friendly drunks and preceded to continue drinking and then he and I danced and we met him the next morning over breakfast and laughed about it.

I did notice the next day that Dr. Heskett had several missed calls from Landon that night. I thought it was pretty sweet that he was looking out for his cousin and really Dr. Heskett could give a crap less. He was pretty bummed that his missed the rest of the party.

Oh, yeah and I forgot awkward moment number two of the night. When I got back to the house I went up to room and left the lights off b/c there was an outside light that left just enough to see. As I was stripping off my clothes and changing into my PJ's I realized that another friend was in the room sleeping on the floor on the other side of the bed.

Me: "Good night Stover"

Stover: "snicker snicker...night Adriana"

Who knows who cares...ah the joys of being young and drunk

*This is a pretty mild drunk story b/c we are a family friendly site (not to mention I am pretty sure my MIL reads it sometimes)


Morgan the Muse said...

Yeah, good idea not to incriminate yourself, incase she does. But good story, all the same!

Moi said...

Great story - I think the guy asleep on the floor at the end was the best part. I have a few drunken memories like that too. Thanks for sharing!

p.s. bar/ dance club and laundromat..HAHAHAHAHAHAH..great stuff.

Autumn Joy said...

No way did I guess the bar/dance club/laundrymat thing!! We have no such thing here. So I share in the laughs with Moi...hahahahaha. (And you all call us southerners redneck? Lol Jk) Glad to hear it worked out well though :D

Adriana said...

Morgan- Yes, incriminating myself would be bad then I would need to go undercover like Tova

Moi & Autumn Joy- Sip n' Spin is just a small town thing...same owner and he just figures..what the hell why not?