Book Sharing Mondays

I used to go to the library with the kids at least once a week when I was staying home. Because I was reading so much I had to reach out and find books that I would not have otherwise picked up. Dr. Heskett and I both share a love of reading although almost always very different types of books. In fact there are less than a handful of books that we have both read (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc). One book that we both could not put down though was Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth. This book was one of Oprah's bookclub books and although I was sceptical at first (not to mention the shear size of it is quite daunting) I fell in love after only a few chapters. This is one of the biggest fast reads I have ever experienced. It is a tale that takes place in 12th century Europe. It is about the building of a Cathedral and the people involved. It involved knights, a monastery and it's prior, a builder and his family, and all of the love, drama, and war that inspires true classics.

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