Totally Awkward Tuesdays

Once again it is Tuesday which means therapy day otherwise known as Totally Awkward Tuesdays. For today's story I had to dig deep into the pit of things I would have rather forgotten for a story that will keep you entertained. Little known fact about me is that I had 3 wedding dresses. You got that right...3 wedding dresses.

The first wedding dress that my mom and I bought was at a Tuxedo rental shop in little old Topeka Kansas that was getting out of the bridal portion. The dress was beautiful. It was a candle light white color, strapless and PERFECT. Not only did this off the rack dress fit me (shocking I know) but it was on such a clearance that we got the dress for $300. We took the dress to my aunt's house because she was going to keep it for me. Mind you we jumped the gun a little here by buying the dress almost a year before the actual wedding. The plan was just to keep the dress at her house until closer to the wedding and then we would take and get it cleaned, etc. Crisis #1 was that a main water line in her house burst and low and behold my perfect dress was ruined with water stains that don't do well with silk. We were all heart broken. Little known fact was that my aunt had taken pictures of the dress and when she talked to her home insurance guy they went ahead and gave her replacement money for the wedding dress....cha-ching we had three times the original amount of money to buy a new dress with. Nothing soothes a broken heart like the sound of money.

Dress number two is where the awkward part comes in. We went to a shop that was very well known in Kansas and were looking through the catalogs for a new "perfect" dress. All of a sudden I turned the page and found MY DRESS. My mom, aunt, and I were shocked and needless to say that was the fastest shopping experience I have ever had. Not only did I find my dress but I also got to order it in white and the detachable train too. Crisis solved right?

A few months later I came back to the shop with mom, aunt, dad, sister, etc in tow for the big first fitting. I can't explain how excited I was and how anxious I felt about "the feeling" that was supposed to come when you find the one. So here I am in the waiting room with the ugly strapless bra they let you borrow and the slip that helps to make the dress poofy and the girl comes in to help me into the dress. It is really snug. Not just really snug but it barely fits over my head and there is no way in hell that it is going to zip shut. The girl helping me doesn't really say anything just sits there looking at me trying to figure out how we are going to shut the dress. I am not sure what is going on but I know that there is no way that the dress is going to fit. The girl tells me that she is going to go get her manager. At this point awkward is the word I am looking for to describe how I feel sitting here in my skimpies waiting. The manager is also the owner and is a seasoned bridal expert. She comes in with something that to this day makes me nauseous to even look at...her measuring tape. She quietly but very seriously asks me "have you put on any weight recently?" Horrified I want to be honest and I tell her that it is possible but I don't think I had gained THAT. MUCH. WEIGHT. She tells me that they are going to remeasure me and if my sizes have changed then the store is not responsible for the dress not fitting. HOLY. COWS. All I can think about at this point is that my parents are going to have to buy another dress because their lousy excuse for a daughter is a gigantic COW. She writes down all of the measurements and says "I'll be right back". I start to lose it at this point. My mom finally comes back to find out what the heck is taking so long. I start to put my clothes back on and by this time I am crying so hard that all I can tell her is that I am too fat to fit into my dress and that I want to go home. My mom is heart broken looking at me this way and goes to sick my dad on someone. Nobody should be crying on what is supposed to be a happy day. So my dad goes to find the manager and he is ticked. Long story short the girl who ordered my dress forgot the 1 that goes in front of this size dress they ordered for me. The dress was 5 sizes TOO SMALL and I had actually lost weight since the last time I was measured. The manager was horrified and my parents were ticked. I almost felt bad for the lady as my dad laid into her and I sat there with tears stained on my cheeks. Needless to say it was a weird sort of situation. They ordered me a new dress and had to have it rushed. They gave us a discount on the dress, a free veil, and gloves and even though I was sick to my stomach terrified to try on the third dress it was perfect.


Tova Darling said...

Oh my gosh!! I can't believe that the manager would have treated you that way!! Has she never met a bride before?

Autumn Joy said...

Glad to hear it worked out for you too, though I know how horrifying it can be to have someone be rude and call you fat when you arent. :)

Moi said...

Oh my goodness! I almost started crying just imaging how you felt!
sooo glad it all worked out!

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

Wow! The manager should have kept her mouth SHUT until she re-measured you.