Book Sharing Monday

I totally almost forgot to share a book today. Today's book is one from a favorite author, Jodi Picoult. I heard her speak a few months ago and she is fabulous.

The book is called The Pact. I can't really explain the way she draws you into this sad story about a couple of young teenagers who fall in love. The two are hanging out, one gets shot, and the other is charged with the murder. Figuring out what really happened and hearing the anguish of this tragedy from all sides is heart rendering. Although not one of her most famous books it is one of my favorite. I love this book and recommend it to everyone.

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Moi said...

I have read this book too and I agree with you completely - Jodi Picoult is wonderful. This story was a page turner. I have been on a Jodi Picoult reading streak for a while - but she has so many books!