Minutes Minutes!

Recently Dr. Heskett and I got new phones. He got an iphone (only b/c his expense fund paid for it) and I got a new Blackberry Curve. I got this phone b/c we had to change wireless companies. Let me just say that if you live in an area that offers Alltel that is the company to go with. I will forever miss you. I didn't realize in fact how much I was going to miss Alltel until we got our first months bill from our new company, Att&t.

When we had Alltel we have My Circle, 10 phone numbers of your choosing that don't count towards your minutes, mobile to mobile, and 8pm evenings. Pretty much I could talk whenever I wanted to for as long as I wanted to. 95% of my calls were to the same people and they didn't count.

Needless to say when we switch companies we were not really thinking about how many minutes we were really going to need because we had always had more than enough (sigh). We went over last month but only by 20 minutes. Dr. Heskett decided to check the usuage this month and found out that we had less than 30 minutes left of our 700 shared minutes and that had to last us 2 weeks. After a phone call to Att&t and a dip into our shrinking wallet we now have plenty of minutes to last us the rest of the plan period and hopefully enough each month in the future. I am hopeful that we will start to accrue some minutes over time because the "rollover" feature seems like it should work. After having Dr. Heskett look over the bill and question why I spend 20 minutes on the phone every morning on my way to work with my mom and 20 minutes on my way home every day with my sister I was just glad to have the pressure off by adding the extra minutes. It is a bummer though to add the extra cost. Jumping to Att&t was going to add more to our monthly bill anyways but now due to our minute need it is even more. If we could just get our home phone to work consistently (I hate you comcast) this might help with our situation. In the meantime we are just going to work to recruit our family and friends to Att&t...what after this post you are not sold?

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