Did you miss me?

It has been a while since I have posted but I am sure you understand. I had house guests (in-laws), Thanksgiving, Black Friday, a trip to New York, and of course putting up our holiday decorations. Excuses aside it feels good to be blogging again and I have a lot of fun stuff to tell all of you (all 2 of you).

I think you might have guessed that I was little nervous about my in-laws coming to town for a week. It was a great visit though..probably one of the best we have ever had. Me and MIL got along fabulously and everything went really smoothly. On Wednesday that kids stayed home with them and got to make gingerbread houses, read stories, go for a walk, and help make bread and pies. T-day was delicious and in the evening we watched Fred Clause. (Cute movie.)

On BF MIL and I hit it hard at 3 am in line at Walmart. I got almost everything I went out for. I hit Walmart first, then Toy 'R US and finally the mall (Sears, Boscov's, & BonTon). I am over half way finished with my shopping and I know what I am getting just about everyone. I also made a purchase for myself as well. I got a fabulous new sewing machine that is everything a girl could ever want. (How old am I to be excited about a sewing machine?) I even used it this weekend to make my famous baby blanket for the new arrival who came during the wee hours of Saturday morning.

Saturday we rode a bus with Bret's hospital group to NY city and spend a fun filled day exploring the big apple. We saw the "real Santa from TV" as Emily puts it and saw the famous store front windows. We took a tour that was nearly as cheesy as I thought it would be and saw everything from Little Italy, SOHO, Chinatown, the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and Rockefeller Center. It was a great but exhausting day. Sunday was spent in our PJ's cleaning up the house and getting out the tree and Christmas decorations. Monday the in-laws took a road trip on their own to DC and they left early this morning. It really was a fun and peaceful visit.

I am still in denial that it is really December and that I can play non stop Christmas music in my car, office, and home without people looking at me too crazy. I am excited for my SIL & future BIL to come visit us for the holidays and then another big adventure to KS. In the mean time we have birthday parties for Emily, dance class, and a couple of work weekends for Bret. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the crazy shopping, baking, memory making opportunities that come with season.

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