What Grandparents are Made For

All bad history aside it was great to see how excited my kids were to see their grandparents last night. Their plane came in on time and we managed to fight the Philly holiday chaos without too much trouble. Both kids were ecstatic to see their grandparents and had many plans for them too.

This week one of the attending physicians gave Emily the biggest gingerbread house kits I have ever seen. She was so excited to put it together that I thought she would savagely rip it open right there. Instead she decided that her grandmother would be the perfect choice to help with this project. Hubs and I couldn't agree more. Who if not grandma could have the patience to help a four year old build something that is deemed challenging for most adults. Besides this fun fun project Emily has mentioned making cookies, going for walks, meeting her teachers and friends at school, watching movies, playing with her dolls, playing with Lulu (our bunny), and reading an endless number of books. This is just for today. Even though Bret and I tried to keep the kids quite and still this early morning to let his parents get just a few more moments of sleep it was a fruitless task. The moment Palmer was free he and Emily literally ran for their room and was in their bed discussing the list of fun things to do today while his parents were still trying to figure out whose cold feet where wiggling into the covers. I don't think they knew what hit them let alone what they were in for. Emily was over joyed when she found out that both Bret and I were working today and that they would have their grandparents all to themselves for the day.

I laugh even as I write this post because I love to see the mutual excitement in both my children and Bret's parents. They are amazed at how much the children have grown and at how excited they are to see them. I also laugh because I remember this joy with my own grandparents. My sister and I were always in bed with my grandfather first thing in the morning. We used every bribe imaginable to get him up (coffee, bacon, helping with his socks and shoes) and he would patiently entertain our endless amount of excited chatter (where did you think Emily got her love of the English language from). Grandma let us help with everything. We got to pour the pancake batter, cut out the cookies and lick the spoon. Grandma had fun projects to keep us busy and grandpa always had surprises. He would take us into town and buy us a big bag of candy from the little one room grocery store. Grandma would send us off with warnings about not spoiling our supper so GP would graciously hide the wrappers in his pocket. On holidays GP would spend the day sitting on a chair in the kitchen managing the workers once he got to old to cook himself. He would taste everything and it always needed a little bit more salt. GM would work herself ragged and had made us girls little aprons to make us feel important. These memories I will treasure always and it makes me miss them both so much.

I am truly thankful that my kids get to make the same priceless memories with their grandparents that both Bret and I got to have with ours. I will try and post pictures of the famous gingerbread house when I get a chance. In the meantime stay tuned for my very important BF update as I will be listing the website I most frequently use and my list of the best of 2008 deals. Cheers!

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