Why we drive to KS

With a 17 hour drive to KS looming in the near future many people have asked why just don't fly. There are many expected reasons ($$ as it costs our family of four about $1000 to fly versus $400 road trip to drive) there are also some not so expected reasons. We have flown to KS from Philly about 6 times. 3 of those times we were stuck overnight at some hotel in a connecting city. The other 3 times we flew direct (again more $$) and still were delayed. It actually took me and the kids 18 hours one time to get home and 14 of those hours were stuck in an airport waiting for the next flight to go out. Kids in an airport for extended periods of time is stressful and exhausting. Also when Palmer was a baby it was hard b/c most of the diaper/wipes/food supplies were in the luggage which was who knew where that was. So if the trip is going to take most of a day anyways we choose to spend that time differently.

Our typical trip has us scheduled to depart by 4pm. Bret takes the first shift to get us off the PA turnpike until about 7 pm. We usually start the trip for the kids with a new DVD. (This trip we were excited to get Sleeping Beauty.) We stop and grab dinner, use the potty, and get gas. I take the next shift until I am sleepy. By this time the kids are snuggled in for the night. They are in their PJ's already, have snacks, drinks, and loveys for the duration. Pop in a second DVD and they are out for the night. I drive until about 11pm or so. We again stop for potty, drinks, gas and Bret takes over. I snuggle in for the night and Bret turns on comedy radio or something else I don't care for. I sleep for several hours until Bret is too tired to drive which is usually around 4am. I then drive most of the rest of the way. Sometimes on the way home I am tired too so Bret has a third shift from 6am to home.

The fact that Bret can't sleep in the car actually helps us a lot as he is pretty good at staying up all night (aka doctor) and the years of driving a tractor for 12 hours a day on the farm helps a lot too. I also like the time to talk for Bret and I. We have all the time in the world to talk about things we don't have time for in our everyday lives. There is no stress....we will get there when we get there. I also can pack a little easier. At Christmas time the thought of trying to get clothes and presents into one check on and one carry on for each of us makes me nauseous. As the kids get older we will see how well the road trips will continue to work for us but for now I don't mind the trip as much as you would think. It is just part of going home.

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