Over a Decade

After almost a month and few to no accidents I think we can officially say that Easton is potty trained.  Whoo hoo!!!  Bret and I have changed diapers non-stop for the last 11 and half years.  You heard that right people more than a decade of buying and changing diapers with no break in between. 

All four of our kids are less than three years apart in age.  So about the time we had one saying goodbye to diapers we were introducing the next baby to the family with a whole new set of diapers to change.

There have been a lot of mixed emotions about not being pregnant again and having a new baby during this exact time.  Again this is the first time of our life cycle that I am not pregnant or expecting a baby anytime now.  While sad sometimes at saying goodbye to the newborn phase and pregnancy there are small celebrations with moving our family into the next stage of our lives.  Most importantly...no diapers! 

Easton was surprisingly easy to potty train.  I had originally planned to wait until all of the older kids were back in school.  However, the kid was more than ready and I wasn't going to be the one to hold him back.  That is not to say there have not been challenges.  Every kid is different and Easton is no exception to this rule.  While quick to embrace the idea of wearing big boy underwear and going on the pot he was also quick to want complete independence too.  This means that he won't tell you if he goes number two and insists on wiping his own butt.  Unfortunately I never know what I am going to find (like an entire roll of TP flushed down the toilet, sketch marks on his underwear or on the toilet seat).  He also is the youngest any of my boys have insisted on standing up to pee.  Again the cleaning of the floor, wall, toilet seat, etc has become pretty common place but his aim is quickly getting better.  Small price to pay is what we say.

While we are still carrying a potty bag (change of clothes, etc) we are so close to being able to walk out of the house, to church, or a restaurant with nothing to tote along with us.  It is a crazy feeling.

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