KSU Us time

A few years ago Bret and I had a chance opportunity to purchase two K-State season tickets from his uncle.  They are great seats and right next to his family.  We love going to Manhattan and to the games.  It has been so much fun to tailgate and celebrate our favorite team.  I have wavered a few times about this whole endeavor though because it is a four hour drive to the game and four hours to get home too.  Besides the cost of gas we often have to stay either the night before or night of the game (usually at his aunt's house) and because we only have two tickets we often leave our kids with my mom or his. 
Needless to say I feel pretty selfish spending all of this time and money for Bret and I to go to these games on our own.  Last week though some thoughts occurred to me on this issue though.  Last week was rough between Bret and I.  He was on call a lot and spent a lot of time working even when he wasn't on call.  Needless to say his mood was tired, stressed, and super grumpy.  Of course I would love to tell that I handled all of that gracefully and let it all roll of my shoulders but the reality was that it in turn made my mood sour as well.  We were short with each other and just did not get along all week.  So much so that I really thought about not going to the game and sending one of the kids along instead.  Truthfully the only reason I decided to still go was because I wanted a chance to shop for a dress for an upcoming wedding while in Manhattan.
New stadium looks great!

About an hour into our four hour drive Bret and I started talking and the stress and tension started to fall behind as the miles passed us by.  This short getaway was a great chance for us to just be together and to step out of our crazy stressful lives and have some fun.  We needed that!  Sometimes we get so caught up in our lives that we forget to really just live them and to enjoy them.  I so treasure this time with my husband and I even though it still feels selfish to leave our kids behind I know that this time together makes our marriage stronger which is always a good thing for the kids too.  There are only 7 home games a year and we cannot make 2 of them.  We plan to take the kids to one of the games which means that Bret and I have four weekends for just the two of us and I am going to let go of the guilt and really enjoy this time together.
Go Cats!!

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