Back to School

How has your summer been?  Ours went crazy fast but we had a great time.  We spent a lot of time at the pool, going to the lake, and hanging out with family and friends.  We also started building a house which took a lot of our time and all of our extra money so no family vacation for us this past year.

School started up for some last week and for Logan this week.  Logan only goes twice a week for two hours at a time but this mama is loving having only one kid for those few precious hours to get groceries and run errands.  I loved having my kids home with me but there is just something about the routine of going to school everyday that gets our butts in gear.

Emily is starting the 3rd grade this year and she is loving it.  She has a great group of friends, loves music, gym, art, and math.  She is not a big fan of reading (which just kills Bret and I as we are totally avid readers).  With the start of the school year also means the start of her cheerleading season and she loves it more than ever.  Emily is getting used to the new dynamic of having her little brother at school all day.  Third grade and first grade pair up for things like mass and reading.  Although they have not been partners yet it is still weird for her to have her friends hanging around him.  Something they will both have to get used to.  Emily knows how important school and good grades is and is determined to work hard.  She would hate to loose cheerleading or swimming. 

Palmer is a first grader which at our school means this is the first time he is there all day.  He loves it.  Palmer loves school and is excited because the morning and afternoon class combined which means there are more than just three boys in the class to play with.  He likes his teacher because she is kind of strict and loves schedules and routine which makes Palmer thrive.  So far things have come pretty easy for him and he loves that he has plenty of work to keep him busy.  His biggest hiccup this year has been lunch.  We learned with Emily that playing the "eating school lunch vs packing" game is not one we want to partake in again.  Palmer (like Emily used to be) is a pretty picky when it comes to food.  So we have stuck to the rule we set for Emily which is you have to try everything once and then you can only take lunch once a week.  We know this is hard for him but we are already seeing signs that we made the right decision.  One day they were having tacos (which he loves) and I asked how lunch went.  He said not good.  When I asked him about it he said they tasted fine but was upset that they made them make their own taco.  He complained that he was too young to have to do that for himself.  We had a long conversation about how he is a big kid now and has to start doing things for himself.  Yesterday he told me he like lunch...I was surprised to hear that it was meatloaf.  Who would have figured.

Logan started 3 year old preschool this week.  He was super excited and couldn't wait to go.  When I dropped him off there was just a glance that told me I needed to get out of their or he might change his mind and let the nerves take over the excitement.  Logan is funny.  He doesn't really know his letters and can't write his name.  He knows his colors and loves to count and he loves to be read to.  I think that he is the kid that will learn things quickly and will enjoy doing so...as long as I am not the one to try and teach him.  We still work on things at home but he gets frustrated with me and I him.  He is stubborn and so am I.  After his first day of school he went running back to his classroom to give his teacher a big hug.  Makes this mama's heart swell to know that he likes his teacher.

This little guy is 10 months old.  That first birthday is looming around the corner and I can't believe it.  I want him to stay a baby forever and yet I love that he is growing and becoming this toddler.  He is my most active kid by far.  He crawls everywhere, pulls up on everything, walks along the couch and tables, and now he pulls him self up on his little walker and walks all over the house.  He will be walking before his first birthday for sure which is just crazy.  I was looking through my phone and couldn't believe this was the only recent photo I had of him.  He had just spilled some Cheerios on my friend's floor and their little girl took this early morning picture.  I promise to do a better job with better photos.  He is such a good baby and just goes with the flow.

So just like the kids are getting back into a routine I have been trying to find one for me too.  I have been going to the gym several mornings a week and really been trying to stay on top of keeping the house clean and cooking dinner.  With fall around the corner I am starting to think about crafting again.  I am thinking some wreaths and maybe some crocheting.  I am also tossing around making Easton's Halloween costume this year and can't wait for his first birthday.  Hopefully I will be back on here more often too.

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