Summer Time

Summer has officially arrived in our house.  The kids are done with school and have started the crazy schedule that I swore we wouldn't have this year.  Emily has started swim team with 7 am practices every morning.  She is in junior golf twice a week and is taking a summer class, VBS, and piano.  Palmer is also taking junior golf but only for a few weeks.  He is in swim lessons, summer school, piano, VBS, and finishing up baseball (hallelujah).  Logan is enjoying time at the pool, playing outside, and being carted around from one activity to another.

UGH I am already tired and it is not even June yet.  The kids and I sat down the first week of summer and made a list of things they want to do this summer.  This included things like playdates, sleep overs, swimming, ice cream, and having fun.  I added a few things like reading, visiting grandparent/great grandparents, water balloon fights, exercising, going to the movies, going to the lake, and visiting a theme park.  I love summer time and I love that I am home with my kids to be able to run them from one activity to another.  I have decided that we are going to have a great summer and that if that means missing an activity here and there so be it.

Time goes by so fast.  The school year went by in a flash and I am sure that this summer will be gone before we know it.  October is just around the corner and a baby is coming sooner than we know.  For now my goal is to enjoy each moment and day and not to worry about the next.  Hope you are having a great summer too.

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