Tasters and Helpers

This week has been filled with Christmas baking and candy making around our home. Every year I have a set of recipes that I make. I usually make care packages for our neighbors, the labor floor, the clinic, and of course the rest is for us.

Emily and Palmer both enjoy sweets. Palmer's favorite is the cookies. He loves the peanut butter kiss cookies and the sugar cookies. He loves to help make them and he loves to help eat them. This year I invited my dad to come and help make some of the treats. It was a lot of fun...and a lot of work.

It was fun to see him and Palmer try to work together. Palmer is a rule follower and my dad is a "let's try it and see how it goes" kind of guy. I made the dough for the peanut butter kiss cookies and let the two of them roll them into balls and dip them into sugar. They were also responsible for the kiss part too.

Palmer kept telling my dad that it wasn't doing it right. Dad just wanted to try and get it done faster and not so perfect. It was fun.

I think dad enjoyed the day. I was exhausted afterwards but it was worth it.

Emily's favorite treat is the people puppy chow. She could eat it all in one sitting if I let her. Logan likes it all...especially chocolate.

He has eaten so much chocolate this week it boggles me. Nothing is safe when Logan is around. He pulls chairs over to the counter and uses his teeth to open containers. He carries the ones he can't get open to Emily or Palmer while they are watching TV and gets them to open them because they are not paying attention. He cannot be left alone in the kitchen and my candy that is trying to set up has to be watched constantly. It is a new battle that I am seriously loosing. Logan loves it and wants all of it so much more than his brother and sister ever have. Palmer will ask for a cookie and then be good until several hours later. Emily will eat it once a day. Logan follows me around asking for a cookie ALL DAY and then he gets frustrated and tries to go get it himself.

I am not a strict mom when it comes to that stuff I rarely say no unless it is right before a meal or they don't eat their meal. However, Logan has taken it to an entirely new level. I put together my care packages and got a large amount of the food out of the house. The rest of us are all doing our best to help get rid of some the food also :)

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