Snow Day!!

We are snowed in here in our little town in Kansas. This far south in the state doesn't see that much snow each year. Snow days here are much appreciated and are considered a rare treat. I have also learned that the snow is needed for the moisture for the many farmers' crops as well. So yeah for a snow day!

Snow days are such a special part of growing up. As a mom I look forward to the day filled with staying in our PJ's until late, the kid's red cheeks from playing outside, warm hot cocoa, holiday baking and cookie decorating, and maybe curling up to watch a Christmas movie later. I am so thankful that I can be home with my kids and enjoy this day with them. Palmer was up so early this morning watching the news trying to figure out if his school was canceled. He told me last night before he went to sleep that he has been praying really hard for snow. He was so excited to see it coming down. His Christmas break has now officially started. Emily will probably have school tomorrow and then she will be out too.

Can we really be only a few days from Christmas? The time has gone so quickly. I am almost ready. I have a few last minute gifts left to buy, a handful of presents to wrap, some neighbor gift baskets to deliver, and my house to clean one last time before guests arrive, oh and a playhouse from Santa to help assemble (aka bug Bret to get it done). Are you ready for Christmas?

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