So it has been a while. A LONG WHILE.

Here is a brief recap of what has been going on around here.

We moved and then our stuff came about 3 weeks after they said it would so we lived out of suitcases for about a month.

Hawaii was AMAZING. We will go back and I have a lot to tell and show you about our trip.

We are still unpacking boxes and it feels as though it may never end.

Bret started back to work this week on a very casual part time basis. We are both ready to get back into a normal schedule (read: we are tired of being together 24/7 with our kids with 100++ degrees so we are stuck inside all day avoiding the boxes that still need to be unpacked)

Tomorrow is Emily's birthday and we are having a small party for her on Saturday.

I am still working for the same college for another few weeks from here in KS. Not sure it was my best idea ever but it was worth the extra money.

That is a very brief run down of how things are going for us. I promise to be on here much more regularly. I miss you all! What have you been doing and how has your summer been?

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