Final Countdown

So last week was quite the whirlwind. On Wednesday I got the crazy idea that maybe I should check the weather for the weekend and realized that it was going to rain all morning Saturday and that the next few days were going to be great weather. On a total whim I decided to move the sale to Thursday and Friday morning. So I ran around our apartment like a crazy person, made signs, rented a couple tables, and sent Bret out to hang said signs.

Bret and I got up at the crack of dawn on Thursday and hauled all of our junk out to the front lawn. The sale went great but it was hot as holy hell so I was really glad we had advertised that we were packing it in by noon. Since Bret was working I hauled everything with my very pregnant friend (aka door holder) who was also trying to sell somethings before the move. I was so hot and exhausted that I didn't do much other than sit on the couch in front of the air conditioner for the next three hours (except go to my last annual doctor's apt before the move).

Bret was on call Thursday night so he was 50/50 on whether he would be around Friday morning. Turns out he was stuck in surgery and didn't make it home until I was already packing it in for the day. However, in all of my glorious wisdom I had asked my babysitter and her boyfriend to come at 6:30 Friday morning (when I originally planned to have the sale on Fri/Sat) to help me carry things out. I had completely forgotten this until they knocked on my door bright and early Friday morning as I was getting ready to do all the work myself. I was so happy to see them and so proud that I had thought that far ahead.

Friday right after the sale Bret and I went and signed all of the paperwork to buy our house. We close on the 15th. So far everything is a go and has gone very smoothly.

This weekend was whirlwind tour of BBQ's with friends. The OB residents had their final one of the year. A few times last week and on Sunday we have been having what we have been calling our community dinners. Two other families and us are moving at the same time and all trying to empty our freezers and pantries. So last week one family invited us for hamburgers and brauts that they needed to use up. The rest of us dug through our pantry and brought what we had. We did the same thing yesterday with a full pork loin that we cut into pork chops. Everyone has been baking and throwing together some interesting sides. It has been a great way to use up the food that we have without having to buy extra things to complete the meal. We have all been freezing some desserts for the graduation BBQ this weekend also.

Besides all of this fun stuff we have been selling things on craigslist which means lots of people coming by the house to look at/buy our stuff. This means eating at the card table, sitting in bag chairs, and the kids sleeping on cots. We are all definitely ready to move into the new house and get some new furniture.

This week involves Emily's last day of school, dinner with friends, family coming into town, and graduation. Oh yeah and the movers coming to pack and take all of our stuff and driving across the country. Oh yeah and our anniversary and Father's Day. Whew..I should just go back to bed.

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