House Tour- Basement

For the most part Bret has claimed the basement as "his domain" which is fine with me. His big TV with all of his game systems, etc will be in the basement. He and his buddies will have a great place to hang out and relax and we both couldn't be happier. The carpet in the basement is in great shape...and of course going along with the rest of the house it is hunter green. At least most of the walls are a nice taupe color.

Here is the stairs going to the basement. There is a small storage area under the stairs that we plan to put toys into.

This bar was very strangely just right for us. Bret has a collection of old soda bottles that will look perfect in this bar. We have a ton of Coke memorabilia that will fit right in with this style.

Bret has big plans for an overstuffed wrap around couch set and a big TV. Like I mentioned before..this is his area so I have strict instructions to stay away. There is a lamp for a pool table hanging as well. We don't have a pool table and neither of us play pool so maybe a foosball table or something will go there instead.

You have already seen the bathroom in the basement and here is a picture of the one bedroom in the basement that will be a guest room and my craft room. Your eyes are not decieving you...the paint is pink and the carpet is hunter green. What room in our house would be complete without lace curtains?

There is a nice size walkin closet as well. I have big plans for this corner of the room for my craft and sewing stuff.

There is also a storage closet in the basement that will be really nice. Less than a month until we close and so far...knock on wood....everything is moving along really smoothly.

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