We are officially going to Hawaii this summer!!! We are so super excited that we can hardly contain ourselves. Let me tell you people this was not the easiest trip that we have ever planned. With us Bret's parents and his sister/BIL are going also. Bret's parents rented a condo and we booked our tickets and 7 glorious days in Maui here we come.

Like anytime we make a major purchase there was some buyer's regret and stress about the costs (4 plane tickets to Maui is not cheap) but overall we are so ready for a great well earned vacation. After talking about it forever and thinking about it we are really excited to have it done. Now we are working on getting our scuba diving certificates, reading tour guide books, and making plans (beside relaxing on beach as we plan to do that everyday) for our trip. Besides thinking about the sun dresses and swim suits I plan to buy Emily and I there is so much going on.

We have moved up the date for the movers to come (so our stuff will be sure to arrive before we leave) and our date for the sale. Bret has tossed around the idea of having a sale early in the spring and then one only a few weeks before we move. I think he has forgotten how much work these sales are. We still need to plan a date for us to go back to KS to close on our house. I was really really hoping to make a trip back to see our house before we closed but it doesn't look like that is going to happen anymore. We decided to go to Colorado in a few weeks and visit Bret's family and spend a few days having fun instead. I am only regretting that decision a little. I miss my family terribly but soon enough we will be back.

Plans for Bret's graduation are up in the air. One of the doctors has offered to have a big party at her house but hasn't really said when. It would be great if she had it the night of graduation so we don't have to plan anything extra. I know some would say that a graduation party is not really necessary but the chief residents have worked really really hard for this day and we plan to do it up right. Funny how much time and effort goes into celebrating high school graduation yet every single resident and member of their immediate family would tell you how much harder they worked to graduate from residency. Bret and I have plans to have a house warming/graduation party when we get settled in our new home as well.

So that is what we have been up to. My sister asked me this morning if I had started to think about decorating and furnishing my new home. Not even a little bit. I have been so overwhelmed with everything else that we have to plan and think about that we plan to move into an empty house and fill/decorate it as we go. Not ideal but it is what we have to do right now. Hopefully we can have a fridge and beds other than that we will sit on the floor for a while.

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