Reality Setting In

Yesterday Palmer and I both had dentist appointments. When the appointment was over and we went to check out the receptionist started to schedule our next appointment. Except that would be six months from now and...we won't be here anymore. In fact unless something crazy happens we won't be back to that dentist's office ever again.

Although we are not that crazy sentimental about our dentist it is just an example of a regular occurrence these days. Things like handing back the school registration packet for Palmer, turning in my notice at work, and setting a date for Emily's moving away party at school makes June seem so close.

Although the overwhelming emotion about our move is excitement in our house there are lots of other emotions floating just under the surface as well. Everyone is a little sad that we will be saying goodbye to a lot of really nice people. We are nervous about all of the changes that we are going to go through with a new job for Bret, new town, new schools, new home. Of course I start to have panic attacks as soon as I start my do to list with the logistics of closing on a new home (that we have to furnish), getting ready for Bret's graduation, the huge sale we plan to have, not to mention the actual move itself.

Four years ago when we first found out we were moving we told ourselves that we were going to take complete advantage of our time here. We knew that it would go fast. The time has gone so fast. There is still so much we want to see and do. Our schedules are filling up. The tease of warmth last week reminded us again that our time is almost done here. We are excited, a little sad, nervous, and more ready than ever.

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randi said...

completely understand your post. Wait till it get's closer - I bought milk that expires after we move. It was surreal.