Down Hill

It has been snowing here in PA for what seems like an eternity. To make matters even better this week's weather has turned to freezing rain and lots and lots of ice.

This past weekend we were invited to a little girl's first birthday. They live pretty far out in the country and in their back yard was the best sledding hill ever. What better of an activity than sledding? They even cleared a path back up the hill and built the hill up so you would stay on the path and stop before the trees. It was really a great time and all five of us went down the hill several times. Emily and Palmer went down the hill (and back up) at least 100 times and would have spent the entire day out there if not for cake.

Hope you are all staying warm and I am praying for patience with these cabin fevered kids. Please let it stop icing. At least with the snow and no ice they could go outside and play some energy off. They were home today and are home again tomorrow.

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