Palmer is 4

Palmer James Heskett,
Today you are four years old. Your dad and I both know that you are really a 70 year old man stuck in a four year old body.

People tell us that you are SO smart. You are smart, and stubborn, and ornery, and loud, and sweet, and kind. We love you so much and are so proud of you.

At four years old you eat cereal, chicken nuggets, bananas, and yogurt like there is no tomorrow. Between you and your little brother I go through two gallons of milk a week. Your favorite thing for dinner is spaghetti and meatballs. You love to play outside, play games, play with your dinosaurs or cars, put puzzles together, and read books.

You need to know what to expect no matter what it is. You are fairly easy going and don't care whether we are "doing" something or just hanging out.

You love everything about your dad and want to be with at all times. You LOVE his truck and have been telling him every time when we get in it that you love it since you could first start telling him. You and dad are buds and he loves that. He was so excited to take you "hunting" for the first time even though grandpa thought it was too cold and you were too young. No birds but you had a great time.

Emily is your best friend. You adore her. It is so touching the way out of no where when she is at school you will come up to me to tell me how much you miss her. You and her have a saying "always together" and most of the time you really are.

Logan is your little buddy but he drives you nuts. He is always getting into your things and he rats you out when you've been to rough but in the end you both love each other.

I am so very thankful that I have gotten to spend so much time with you at home before you start going to school fulltime. Our time together during the day reading books, playing games, or putting puzzles together is so special to me. I hope you had the best birthday ever and the most awesomest cake too.



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