Spin Buds

You are not going to believe who went to spin class with me last night. I am still in shock. Bret went to his very first spin class and lives to tell about it.

Getting his butt to the gym has been harder than learning the 504391 moves in Zumba class. If you push too hard then he gets stubborn. If you don't push he has no motivation. It drives me nuts. So after my Sunday morning class I just talked to him about it. I told him that I really liked it, that it burned a ton of calories, and it was something we could do together once in a while. He said he would think about it.

I failed to mention to him that I signed us both up for the Tuesday night class just in case. Tuesday is also the same night as Zumba and he usually will go to the gym just because the kids and I are all going anyways. So on our way to the gym I mentioned the class and told him I would skip zumba if he wanted to try it out. He said sure.

Class was pretty full by the time we got there so I took a bike right behind him. He did not like this at all. He told me later that he wanted to be able to see me (and make sure I was working as hard as he was and dying just as bad too).

At the end of class he had nothing good to say about it. He said he almost blew chunks twice, that he kept waiting for the break, that it was way too hot, that his ass was so sore he wasn't going to be able to sit for a week, and on and on.

I knew before we started the class that this was most likely going to happen and had resolved myself to thank him for tying it out and that if he didn't like it I wasn't going to bug him about it again. I think this took him by surprise because usually I nag and nag and it annoys him.

I had already started most of dinner before we left so when we got home I finished up dinner and we sat to eat. By the time the kids were in bed Bret was fed and feeling back to normal. Then he told me that next time he wants to be next to or behind me and that he should probably have a snack before class. I almost fell over. Next time?

I think Bret came to the same conclusion about spin class that I did. It is really hard. However, you burn a ton of calories and when it is over..it is over. No super sore muscles for days. We will see how it works out. I am hopeful.

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