Status Check

I was talking to Bret last night and I asked him "if someone asked you whether you liked it better when I was working full time or better now that I am working from home...how would you answer?"

Asking Bret a question like this is hard sometimes. He is brutally honest. He loses that filter of trying to say something that I want to hear. He always tells me the truth and sometimes that is not easy to hear. So he sat there for a minute (drinking his beer of course) and he said well...

He said that he is not sure what it is. It could be that money is not a big stresser right now, that residency is on the down hill slope, that we had a baby, or if it is because I am home now but...things are better. I am much less stressed out, the kids are happier, there are less fights, less melt downs, and life is good. While I still feel some stress we are finding our routine. I am finding my way on how to make this work.

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