Let It Snow!

Everytime I glance at the date on the calendar I gasp. It just doesn't feel possible that it is the middle of November. Thanksgiving is just a mere few weeks away. Christmas and baby will be here so soon. I was thinking about this yesterday as I was playing outside with the kids and it hit me. I think part of the reason I am still in denial about what time of year it is was because the kids and I were running around outside with no coats on. It was about 70 degrees out yesterday and just gorgeous. This is not November weather! Even for our part of PA 70 degrees is pretty rare in the middle of November. For Kansas though, it's even more unheard of.

Bret's parents said that yesterday it was snowing. All over facebook the status' of friends and family from back home is that snow is everywhere. It's not just the snow but the wind, and the freezing cold temperatures. It is by all measurements winter back home. Here it is still hanging on to fall for just a few more weeks.

Don't get me wrong..I'm not complaining. I enjoy the mild PA weather all year long. I don't miss the hats, gloves, scarves, ice, snow, sleet, and temperatures so cold that you will literally freeze if you stay outside for more than a run to the car amount of time. However, I think subconsciously I'm having a hard time accepting that the holidays are upon us and that the baby will be here in a mere 7 weeks (at most hopefully) because it doesn't "feel" like that time of year yet.

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